Farm Water Management Seminar – Nov. 28th – Slideshow

Slideshow presentations from the Farm Water Management Seminar on November 28th, 2016 hosted by Hatchet & Seed & the CRD. Use information with discretion, as slides may be without context with no explanations.


Slideshow PDF 1 of 2 –

Slideshow PDF 2 of 2 –



9:00am – 11:00am – Keyline Water Management

Tayler Krawczyk, Hatchet & Seed and Sara Duncan, p.Ag.

  • About “Keyline Water Management Project”
  • Introduction to ‘Keyline Geometry’
  • Using contour maps for farm water planning (CRD WebMap Demo)
  • Keyline plowing to reduce compaction & manage water
  • Monitoring results to date – Sara Duncan, p. Ag.
  • Alternative drainage techniques for bottom-lands
  • Q & A

11:15am – 12:30pm – Irrigation Pond Design

Tayler Krawczyk, Hatchet & Seed

  • Review of regulations: water licensing (Water Sustainable Act) & Dam Safety Board regulations; municipal soil movement
  • Sizing the pond (irrigation, evaporation %, seepage, environmental reserves)
  • Using topographic maps
  • Siting (usage & catchment analysis)
  • Spillways and other design features
  • What to do with excess fill material?
  • Construction & earthmoving
  • Q & A

1:30pm – 2:45pm – Pumping from Your Farm Pond

 Gord Baird – Eco-Sense, Highlands Councillor, CRD Water Commission Board Member

  • Tools for assessing your needs and sizing your pump
  • Basic components of a pond pump system
  • Advantages and limitations of solar pumping
  • Case studies: pump systems for drip and micro-spray
  • Q & A

3:00pm – 4:30pm – Greywater Re-Use & Other Methods of Conservation for Small-Scale Agriculture

Gord Baird, Eco-Sense, CRD Water Commission Board Member

  • Regulation
  • Design considerations
  • In practice
  • Q & A


 About the Presenters

Gord Baird, Eco-Sense, CRD Water Commission Board Member

Gord Baird is the co-creator of Eco-Sense, located in Victoria, BC.  Ten years ago he left the business world and set out to build a sustainable home and lifestyle with his new wife Ann, and over that time has become a well versed generalist in regenerative systems integrating solar PV, solar thermal, mechanical, rain water, grey water, living roofs, food forest nursery and green building through hands on experience,  scientific research, and policy work. Gord and his wife Ann walk the talk of a regenerative life style, and work to use their success and failures to inspire others.  


Sara J Duncan
Sara Duncan, p.Ag.

Sara Duncan is an environmental scientist with experience in soil classification and interpretation for soil salvage and handling, land reclamation planning and research, and technical writing for environmental assessment and research reporting.

She has been responsible for designing and implementing the soil monitoring component of the project.


Tayler KrawzcykTayler Krawczyk, Hatchet & Seed

Tayler is an ecological landscape designer, permaculture practitioner and project manager. Focusing on edible landscaping and climate-smart land design, he operates Hatchet & Seed, with his partner Solara Goldwynn.

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